What is Clear.Dental?

For Dentists, by Dentists

Clear.Dental is an Open Source Dental EHR Suite that is made for dental practices and made by dental professionals. Most other software was made by software engineers who have no real clinical experience. Clear.Dental is different in that the software is made by a practicing dentist. Dr. Shah also uses Clear.Dental in his own practice and makes changes as needed.

Free and Open Source

Clear.Dental is free to use and free to tinker with. The license is GPLv3 so you have the freedom to know how it works, make changes, and keep the software forever. There is nothing to chain you or your practice down to vendor lock-ins. This also allows other developers and doctors to submit recommendations and changes to the software and everybody will benefit.

Check out our Gitlab page for the source code.

Works on Linux

Clear.Dental is the first Dental EHR to work natively on Linux. This allows practices to control the software that is installed on their system and the freedom to customize the staff and patient experience. By using Linux, you have the full support of companies like IBM, Oracle, and Google who run their mission critical software on Linux. With the full security of Linux, you can also be rest assured the data in your practice is safe.

Distributed filesystem for a Hybrid Cloud System

Most dental and medical EHR systems use a central server with just a single point of failure. Why should any doctor settle for a system that can be so easily broken? By using git as a content management system, Clear.Dental can ensure that all the data is safe and always accessible by a trusted computer or device. Even if the network itself goes down, you can still access your patient's data. By combining the power of the Linux filesystem with git, you can keep track of who made what changes to the patient’s data and at what time. All changes now have the proper log history as required by HIPAA.

Built with Touch in Mind

Using a keyboard and mouse is not compatible with clinic care. A dental clinic is a wet and dirty environment that requires providers to wear gloves and to avoid cross-contamination wherever possible. One could put a cover over the keyboard or mouse but it makes them very difficult to use. You also can’t place a keyboard near the patient’s mouth for your charting. Doctors have to hire an extra assistant just to help in charting what is in the patient’s mouth.

Clear.Dental solves this issue by being made with touch in mind. Specifically, it was made with resistive touch screens in mind which allows anything (including the explorer) to be used as a stylus. That way, the doctor doesn’t have to stop what he/she is doing and now charting and treatment planning can be streamlined.