The tmj.ini file

Motion based exam

The data is recorded with the assumption that the TMJ exam is done with a motion based exam.

Opening and closing

Here are the attributes for opening and closing:

[Opening and Closing]
PainOnOpening=[true | false]
LeftClickOnOpen=[true | false]
RightClickOnOpen=[true | false]
DeviationOnOpen=["center" | "left" | "right"]
OpenAmount=[int (in mm)]
PainOnClosing=[true | false]
LeftClickOnClosing=[true | false]
RightClickOnClosing=[true | false]
DeviationOnClosing=["center" | "left" | "right"]


Protrusive movement

Here are the attributes for protrusive movement:

ProtrusiveAmount=[int (in mm)]
PainOnProtrusion=[true | false]


Lateral Movements

Here are the attributes for lateral movement:

LeftLateralAmount=[int (in mm)]
PainOnLeftLateral[true | false]
RightLateralAmount=[int (in mm)]
PainOnRightLateral=[true | false]


Static Bite

Records for when the bite is at centric occlusion.

OcclusionClass=["I" | "II div 1" | "II div 2" | "III"]
Overjet=[int (in mm)]
Overbite=[int (in mm)]
AnteriorCrossbite=[true | false]
PosteriorCrossbite=[true | false]

Let me know in the comments if I am missing anything

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